Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Christmas Express

One night last week, Wyatt our Elf, left before the kids were in bed.
Since this wasn't like Wyatt, Buddy got concerned and wrote a note asking him WHY he left early.
Wyatt wrote back saying that he and Santa were planning a surprise for the whole family and that we'd be finding out what it was very, very soon :)

And, sure enough, we woke Saturday morning to our surprise!!!
Wyatt was hiding on the tree, and next to him was a note explaining our surprise
and tickets for our surprise!!!
We were going on our very own "Christmas Express" train ride,
and Santa was going to be visiting us on the train :)
I'm not sure who was more, or the kids! :)

The train ride was at Strausburg RailRoad in Lancaster, PA.
It was so beautiful there and I got the true feeling that we were back in the old days of trains!
Check out our experience below!


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