Tuesday, January 22, 2013

She's almost 4, but this is her at 1...

Last week I was talking to a friend whose daughter will be 4 later this month. 
We were talking about birthday cakes and I mentioned how I had made Princess's 1st birthday cake.
She wanted to see a picture, so I came to the blog, and O.M.G. - I NEVER BLOGGED PRINCESS'S 1ST BIRTHDAY! What was I thinking?!

Obviously, I wasn't. 

So, even though she's a month and a half away from being 4, here are pictures from her 1st birthday! 
(I apologize Princess, but, better late than never, right?!)

We started the day with morning hugs and kisses, balloons, her present and her 1st ever flowers :)

We got her a bookshelf to hold all the books that were coming later in her birthday weekend

Flowers from Daddy. A birthday tradition :)

We spent her actually birthday at the aquarium with her birthday twin, M! 

J & M

 We had 2, back to back, birthday parties for her. On Saturday, it was the "family" party and on sunday it was the "friends" party :)  Her theme was "POLKA DOT" (b/c her nickname is Jocey-Dot)

she's holding her socks. it's kind of neat to just now be posting this, b/c to this day, she LOVES her socks ;)

ha! omg! the cupcake cake is bigger than her head!!!

cousins :)

haha love this one!!!

we had smaller cupcakes at the 2nd party ;) I did not make these.

It was such a fun birthday weekend for our princess!
And I'm so glad the topic of cakes came up so I could see I never blogged about it!!!
But I have now :)
Happy 1st Birthday (And almost 4th birthday), Princess ;)

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  1. Love this post! This is when I first met you guys! I can't believe how much Tyler & Jocelyn have grown :)