Wednesday, May 1, 2013

9 years

Babe & I celebrated 9 years of marriage yesterday! It was a gorgeous day!

After getting the kiddos off to school, we started with breakfast at the cafe on the railtrail by us! It was our 1st time there, and def won't be our last! So cute and quiet and had some yummy food!

Then, to my surprise (though, i had an idea), we went to Havre de Grace! Babe proposed at the light house there, and wanted to "go back" to remember when ;) We walked along the promenade there, relaxed and enjyoed the views, breeze and each others company. While we were sitting by the lighthouse, Babe asked if I'd marry him again...well, duh, i said yes ;)

Seriously, how pretty? I LOVE lighthouses!!!

9 years ago i did NOT look this good, so yea I'ma show myself off here ;) HAHA

Just a silly pic of me fixing my shirt!

After Havre de Grace, we headed to Home Depot...i know, how romantic, haha ;) But, we are really interested in getting a patio outback so wanted to check out our options!

Then we headed to lunch at Cheddars - Yummy!!!

After that, we checked out Lake Redman (i think we're taking the kids there for a picnic this weekend), then headed to another romantic place - Walmart ;) haha
Babe got an eye appt in while I got the kids from school and got things ready for our evening.

THEN, we headed to Oregon Ridge. We all played on the playground for a little and then I had a photo session to do :) While I did that, Babe and the kids went to grab dinner. When they got back we sat down, ate, and enjoyed eating together as a family (something that rarely happens!)

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