Monday, June 10, 2013


Buddy boy made the All Star team again this year!
And as much as I hate to's hard not to...
so he's 8.
Before the season started, him and a few other 8 year olds were asked to play on the 9-10 league.
He's done great the whole season and was asked to play on the All Star team...
yup! My 8 year old was asked to play on the 9-10 yr old All Star team :)  

The All Star game was yesterday, and Tyler lived up to the "All-Star" title!!!

He walked his first at bat, and got a hit every other time he was up!!!
Including the very last hit of the game...

which brought in the winning run!!! :) 

Along with that awesomeness, Tyler made a double play AND stole home!!!!

I'm so proud of Buddy and ALL of the boys that played!!!! It was such a great game to watch!!!

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