Monday, June 3, 2013

Big boy bed!

Well, I was able to hold out until Monkey was 2 year-6 months-2 days old before converting his crib to a toddler bed. I was hoping for another year in the crib, but he's been trying to climb out over the last week. He successfully did once. Ouch.

So, it was time.

He was pretty excited about it. But nervous. Took him a while to get him to bed the first night, but each night since (tonight will be the 4th night, haha) it's slowly getting back to our normal bed time routine :)

The morning after his 1st night in the big boy bed, Princess asked him if he fell out. He said "No silly. It open now. I just get up." Haha too cute :)

Of course, since he can now get out of his "open" bed, and since he can open doors, I've purchased another set of monitors. We haven't used them in years...but now, I can't sleep good until I have them.

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