Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let's go Os

Took the little 3 to their 1st Os game with some of Buddys baseball team!  To say it was HOT is an understatement!  But everyone did great!  Kevin Spacey threw the first pitch.  Chris Davis hit his 37th homerun.  AND the Os won!  :)
Chilling out in the shade, eating lunch, waiting for the gates to open!
A potty break led us to the birds!
There was supposed to be batting practice, but it was cancelled :(
Babe & I :)
He's so handsome!
Me and my babies with a bobblehead bird!
Monkey checking out the yard!
Such a great daddy! Without complaint, he allowed them to sit on his lap. It was HOT. Well, beyond HOT really, and i refused to let them on my lap. Bad mom? Maybe...  : /
ice cream break!!!
Ice cream? What ice cream?
Buddy and one of his friends :)
Monkey kisses!!!!
Love this lil' man!

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