Thursday, August 22, 2013

3rd Grader!

Today was Buddy's 1st day of 3rd Grade. 
I have a 3rd Grader.

He was pretty excited...was up early, finished breakfast early, got ready we were able to get our "1st day of school" photos done early, too :) 

These 2 are so goofy...LOVE them!!!!

And these 3....oh my WORLD <3
As we usually do, we headed down to the bus stop, all 5 of times...

some of the neighbors

It hasn't gotten much easier seeing him get on the bus on the 1st day of fact, seems a little harder each year because each year means he's getting older and closer to really being grown up. 
And I'll never be ready for that. 

BUT....he will be, and we was super excited for school to start today
 (though, the excitement for school will ware off eventually for him)!

 Bye-Bye, Buddy!!!! I hope your 1st day of 3rd Grade is PERFECT!!!! 
We love you!!!

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