Monday, April 14, 2014

Ugly Sweater 5K!

Babe & I have been big into fitness lately! We completed the 14 week BeachBody program - T25 and have both started new programs to continue on our journey. It's been great doing this together and seeing the results we're seeing :)  As I've never been one to run, at some point during the 14week T25 program, I noticed my endurance for running had improved. A LOT. One day I did the treadmill to see how long I could go without stopping - i did 2 miles! :) The next time I did 2 1/4 miles, and the time after that, 2.5 miles! I was improving my own time by 1/4 of a mile each time :) Good goal?! I think so!

I had come across a groupon for an ugly sweater run up in Philly. Babe agreed to it, and so did good friends of ours! So we decided to make a day trip of it :) And it was this past Saturday! My goal: to run the whole thing! I hadn't ran since the 2.5 miles, so I was nervous. Plus I've always hated running in the cold. But, I was determined!

And ya know what happened???

I DID IT!!!!!!!!! :)

We ALL did it!!! Babe ran/walked with the kiddos - the 2 littles in our jogging stroller and Buddy kept up with him! Poor Princess is freezing here :( But she still had a really good time :)

My running buddy for the day! She stayed with me the whole time :)

A reindeer with fake snow!

After the run, we headed back to the hotel room to shower and get ready to go see some sights of Philly and Santa :) We had lunch in Chinatown, then headed to Macy's!

As soon as we got to Macy's, we got in line for Santa! It wasn't too long when we got there - thank goodness - and they have you go through Dicksen Village while you are waiting! Such a great idea and it was really neat to see :)

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