Friday, May 9, 2014

Buddy at Work!

2 weeks ago was "Take your Child to Work Day" and Buddy is finally old enough to go, and I took him :)

We had a great time and my job had a whole day of activities lined up for him and the other kids :)

He got to see a little of what I do on a daily basis, get a tour of the History room and Duplicating Center (which he LOVED), had lunch with a classmate whose mom also works with me, played tic tac toe with some coworkers, and did a lot of math :)

He got to hear a local weather lady speak about her experience with school and jobs and how she got to where she is today.

He even wrote about his day to read to his class :) It really made me proud!

Here's what it said: Hello dear fellow classmates, Do you have a small booklet like this one that I wrote in? I got this from my Mom's awesome work. It has a History room, an auditorium, a room where people make and laminate papers and pictures, almost like this one. I got to see a professional meteorologist named Lynette Charles. I'm thinking some people in our class watch her in the morning. I got to see my mom send letters to people and almost see the whole building. I helped my mom send 5 notes to people. They help people who are sick so they give money to the sick and the elderly. My moms work is a mile long and it is divided into four buildings. In the auditorium there were people doing sign language of what other people were saying. I loved being at my moms work. It was an honor. Hoped you enjoyed reading about my moms work as much as I liked writing it to you guys. Hope one of you tell us about one of your parents work.

Love my buddy!!!

Buddy at the head of the meeting table, able to meet my big, big boss :) 

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