Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

My crazy kiddos that make me the best kind of crazy possible, passed out on our bedroom floor the night before Mother's Day :)

Mother's Day was great this year. Besides cleaning for what I felt was the whole weekend, we had a lot of fun and made a lot of memories! The kids did good at not fighting (too much) and each were so excited to give me the gifts they made at school :) Which of course I loved and they warmed my heart so much!!!

Babe had each kid pick out a notebook, and they each wrote in it. Monkeys was his name (in his 3 year old writing) with a flower. Princesses was a drawing of me with a kitten, and 2 clouds that spelled out LOVE. And Buddy's was a photo of me and him saying he loves me to much! Babe even got a notebook for him to write it, and of course what he wrote was so sweet. They will each write in it every mother's day so that I have something to look back on and remember when I'm old and gray ;)

We had family over for a cookout and the weather was PERFECT! We had a water balloon fight and the kids got to run through the sprinkler :)

Oreo enjoying the outdoors :)
Purse cupcake cake
Water Balloon fight!!!!!!!!!!!!
She kept breaking the balloons on herself! LOL
Babe has come such a long way in his health! Doesn't he look amazing? :)
haha gotcha Buddy!!!
me and my momma! love her to pieces!!!
And after baths and settling down, they all piled up on me to watch a show before bed! Perfect ending to the perfect day :)

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