Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Myrtle Beach Vacation...DAY 6!

Our last full day in Myrtle :( 

I got in an amazing almost 5mile run! Running on the beach was simply amazing! 
I wish I could do it allll the time! 

When i got back from my run, the kids were STILLLLL sleeping! No way kiddos...WAKE UP! ;) 

We spent the day visiting all 17 water attractions at the hotel! 

 Watching Buddy play so well with his brother and sister in the pool brought such a huge smile to my heart :) 

We headed back to boardwalk tonight for some more ice cream (lol) and just to see what we could get into ;)

So...this was a big no-no for our "healthy eating", lol, but OMG is was soooo good :) 
 We found an arcade, and literally had about $5 cash on us, so we let the kids get some game playing in! 

They hit the jackpot on this game :) 

Here they are with their prizes :) 

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