Thursday, July 10, 2014

Was it a tornado?!

We had a pretty bad storm the other night. While Buddy was at soccer practice, the rest of us were waiting for Princess's swim lessons to start. We watched the storm coming in for an hour before, but didn't realize it was here until it was here. I had just gotten Monkey in the car, and the winds shook it hard...i don't think I've ever experienced that before. Then my best friend was calling as I started to drive through all the rain and winds and i thought no way was I answering at this time.

Then a few minutes later, she text and all the text said was "TORNADO!"

I of course got scared, because what we were driving in wasn't normal. Tree limbs were everywhere headed home. So, I started praying that we made it home safely, that Buddy was done practice and somewhere safe, and that our neighborhood wasn't hit by a tornado.

We got home and the rain had pretty much stopped, so we went to my friends house to see the damage. Her house, along with about 5 or 6 others, was hit BAD. See the photos below. Power was out EVERYWHERE. The main street in our town was shut down because a huge tree had fallen on the power lines. It was just crazy.

But, thankfully, we are all safe.

taking a detour because the main st was shut down...

this trampoline hit the house...see the shutters??

the swing set on the other side of the wrecked fence used to be where the dirt pile is...

this house didn't have any trampolines before the storm...

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