Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What a difference a year makes

Babe & I celebrated 10 years of marriage back in May, and in all those years, I think Babe had exercised a week total. No lie. It just wasn't on the top of his priority list. And with 3 kids, finding the time to work out was hard. We weren't the healthiest eaters either. When I brought up trying Shakeology, his exact words were "I will NEVER drink my meals!" Well, THAT'S changed ;)

Not only have we been drinking Shakeology for a year straight now, but we've been working out for a year straight now. When we decided to give T25 a try, our thoughts were "It's 25minutes a day, of course we can do that!" And we did!

It didn't stop there. After T25, we completed P90X3, and now (while I'm finishing up PIYO), Babe has made up his own T25/X3/Piyo hybrid schedule while we prepare to begin Body Beast in September 

Here's what Babe has to say about his anniversary of becoming healthier and fitter...

"I have always wanted to get back in shape and eat healthier but never really did it on my own for many reasons. I was starting to finally feel bad overall, including being completely drained even when I first woke up till when I went to bed. I had just enough energy to make it through the day but feeling very stressed. I also ate horribly - like fast food all of the time, almost no vegetables, and bare minimum fruits.

K had recently got back into going to the gym at work. She started looking at other options for working out, especially since we have limited time and really don't do well with traditional gyms. K finally was able to get me to try this shake called Shakeology. We decided to split a 5 day supply to see how it tasted as well as to see how we felt over the course of the 5 days.

Well, I had more energy than I can ever remember having!! The Monday following I started working out:) Since that time I went from not eating well at all, not working out, being close to 200lbs at 5'7", to now eating cleaner, extremely minimal fast food, more vegetables and fruits daily, losing 36lbs and 10+inches total, and doing double workouts almost 6 days a week:D I cannot thank K enough for always being there for me and introducing me to Beachbody products.

I now strive to do better in all aspects of life not just fitness and it all started with a half scoop of Shakeology for 5 days!!!"

And to think...ALL of this CHANGE in just 1 year. 1 year ago Babe didn't know where he was going to be today, but he's extremely happy at how far he's come. I'M extremely proud of him. He NEVER GAVE UP and he feels better than he has in years...possibly even EVER!!!

Great job, Babe!!!! You have come so far, you've motivated so many people, and you are leading a great example for our kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!!

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