Wednesday, December 17, 2014


 For the last year all 3 kids have been sleeping in Buddy's room. Buddy in his bed, the other 2 on the floor next to him. We allowed it because we thought it was cute. They weren't going to be this little for long, it was one time of the day they all got along (for the most part), they felt safe together, and it showed they really did love each other.
But, in the last month, bed time has become a nightmare. It's like a sleepover with your best friend every single night! Great for the kids. Not so great for Babe & I. So it was decided. Everyone would start sleeping in their own rooms!
But first, we had to make some changes. Monkey's room had a cars bed which he did not like. He slept in it once, and was scared of it ever since. So, we had to get rid of that and find him a new bed. Good thing Buddy's old bed was just chilling in against our bedroom wall. Problem solved. But then there was Priness's room. Oh, her room. Her messy room, with stuffed animals everywhere, clothes everywhere...just a mess! Which i used to not worry about, because she never slept there and I could close the door. I know, bad mom. But, we tackled the mess. She had an awesome bed. A loft bed you could climb up one side and slide down the other. SLIDE!!!!!!!! They all loved to play on it, but when it came to sleeping on it. Nope, wasn't going to happen. And I really didn't want to buy another bed. Then i remembered her crib. It was a convertible crib! A-ha! Problem solved! We put it together, I ordered a mattress and ta-da! Princess had a bed now, too!
Last night was the first night. They all did well! Buddy enjoyed his room to himself for once. He's getting to that age where he wants some privacy. Princess absolutely loves her new bed, and stayed up til who knows when reading books! I'll take it! And Monkey was nervous, but with his nite-lite plugged in and flashlight in hand, he did it! So proud of them! I just hope the good, peaceful bedtimes continue!
I will say, I did enjoy the 1:1 time I got with each kid before bed. The CALM 1:1 time. That WILL continue no matter what :)
He didn't have his room all to himself...Oreo joined him :)
She looks so little in that big bed!
Aww, my baby is so big!!!!
He wanted to make a funny face ;)

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