Saturday, October 3, 2015

Celebrating Buddy turning 11!

Cannot believe Buddy will be ELEVEN in 4 days! Seriously. I was JUST holding him in my arms, studying all his features. He was JUST learning to crawl, then walk and talk. He was, and still is, teaching me what it means to be a good mom, and to have part of my heart walking around outside my body, growing into his own person. So before I make myself cry more tears...

...we took Buddy to the O's game tonight, after dinner at his favorite pizza place, Coal Fire. It was freezing and rainy and a hurricane is headed our way, but so what, he's freaking turning 11!!! He brought 2 friends and they had a blast!  We stayed til the 7th inning because they wanted to come home and play video games before it got late ;) And the Orioles won 4-3!!! Yea! :)

Stats from his 11 year check up: 
~ 73.2lbs
~ 54.25 inches

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