Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We've got a bike rider!

Princess is the 1st to learn how to ride a bike!!! :) 

When I picked them up from camp today, they were already tired.

When I told them I wanted the to practice riding their bikes tonight, they all whined and Princess threw a fit.

But then, something happened. She decided that NOW was time. And, she got on her bike and started riding, then falling, then getting back up and riding again...first in our back yard and on her bike, then in our court with Monkeys bike which fits her better. Then we headed down to the trail, and ended up in the parking lot.

2 hours of never giving up. 2 hours of 7 year old bad words and getting mad at the bike and hitting it. 2 hours of some tears, but more so some smiles. 2 hours of looking each other in the eye and her seeing how much i believed in her and me seeing how much she wanted this! She amazed me at the belief in herself and her determination to never give up.

She was determined to learn how to ride TONIGHT. And, tonight, she learned.

She wasn't ready last year. She wasn't ready last week. She wasn't ready yesterday. But this evening, she was ready, and she wasn't stopping until she reached her goal.

I love it when my kids teach me life lessons ❤

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