Monday, February 4, 2013

We are the Champions!!!!

The RAVENS did it! They won the superbowl!
It was SUCH a great game! At halftime, they were up 28-3.
The first play of the 3rd quarter, Jones ran the ball 109 for another touchdown.
And then the lights went out. For 34 minutes.
We lost our momentum, and the 49ers came back and scored. A lot.
But, in the end, we held them. WE WON!!!!
34-31 RAVENS!!!!!!!

I couldn't be more proud to be a Baltimore Ravens fan right now :)

 Here we are before the festivities of our Superbowl Sunday!
We went to a friends house for lunch, then hung out with my parents for a little before heading over to Babe's parents to watch the game.
I so wanted purple hair myself, but we ran out as I was spraying Buddy's hair!!!! 

Princess cheering on the Ravens!!!!


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