Wednesday, May 22, 2013

All aboard!!!!!

New Freedom now has  Steam Engine! Soon, tourists will come from all over (maybe...) to come ride this steam engine as they learn about history along the rail trail. Steam Into History is the name for it! Yesterday, the Steam Engine arrived! And the kids weren't the only ones super excited for it!!!

After Tball and baseball, we parked down by the railroad tracks and walked up to Bonkeys. After standing in line for about 10mins (usually not the case, but I think it'll start being that way!) and after my ice cream fell off my cone, we walked to where the Steam Engine was!

It was PACKED! Everyone was there taking a look at it! Gave us an insight on how things may start being in our small little town :)
New Freedom's Steam Engine!
Princess & Monkey pointing it out. In Monkey's words "WOW!!!"

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