Monday, May 13, 2013

Hershey Park Happy for Mothers Day!

Since having buddy 8.5 years ago, I hadn't been able to do many rides... i get super dizzy and then my day is ruined. But, I decided to give some...okay, MOST...a try. I did well until the Tilt-A-Whirl...i think i'm still dizzy from that!!!! LOL! But, here I am with all 3 kiddos on their favorits rides :)
Monkey absolutely LOVED the ladybugs :)

Buddy & I raced Babe on the "storm chaser". We were lighting - front row. Babe was thunder - front row.
Thunder won, but we all had a blast!!!

Princess had a blast on the rocket shop ride! We were the highest flyer rocket ship there was!!!

Lunch time at Hershey!!!

Ride & Game Time!!!

Love being a Mom! Especially to these 3! And Love having the help of my Babe :)

And, of course, a photo of me and my momma :) We did dinner with my parents Saturday night...yummy crabcakes...and I was able to talk my mom into a photo ;) So lucky she's mine...isn't she beautiful?! :)

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