Friday, August 30, 2013

Mini Vacation - Days 2 & 3

After our fun train ride through town, we headed to our next destination - KNOEBELS!
We had heard about this place for years and finally decided to go!
And we will most definetely be going back!

Since its FREE to get into Knoebels and we got there late sunday night, we just walked right in for dinner and then explored the park some, knowing the next day was going to be ALL KNOEBELS!!! Well, the next 2 days really ;) 

So, Monday, we all bought ride bracelets and did all the rides we could handle! We played games and enjoyed one of the shows (Babe, Bubby and Pricess got to be IN the show), and seriously had the best time in a long time. It was a much needed vacation for the 5 of us :) 

And then on Tuesday we did the waterpark!!!!!
Big pool, kiddie pool, water slides, diving boards - whatever they had, we did :)
At lunch, we took a pool break and did some putt-putt. 
After dinner, we did a little bit more rides and some more games!
Loved this day so so so much :) 

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