Thursday, September 12, 2013

Buddy is (almost) 9!

All Buddy wanetd for his 9th birthday was "great seats to an Orioles game", so, that's what happened.
The fact that it was 1 month and 2 days before his actual birthday didn't matter, we had front row seats on the 3rd base side and had one of the best experiences ever :)

Buddy working on one of the posters he made for his birthday O's game :)
This sign was pretty awesome! Even Machado himself saw it, smiles and waved at Buddy! He was ecstatic!
Buddy was allowed to bring 1 friend, so he brought one of his buddies since Kindergarten :) They both are baseball maniacs!
Before the game, just eating, chilling and goofing off ;)
Dreaming of making it to the big leagues!

It was pretty awesome when someone from the O's asked the boys if they wanted to play ball with the Oriole bird! So glad Buddy didn't get shy, but instead went out there and rocked it! So did his friend :) And the Oriole bird was so funny!!
Joking around with Buddy....
Buddy knew he was kidding ;)
He knocked it gooood!!!!
Rounding 2nd...
uhoh...the O bird is standing in front of home!!!!
Hey! Where you going with my kid?! hahaha
Finally made it home ;)
O bird being silly with Buddy's friend ;)
rounding 2nd
Haha the O bird laid on 3rd base!
uhoh, he's taking his flip flop ;)
yup, Davis & Machado :)
1st home run of the night! Go Jones!
I took this RIGHT AFTER Machado smiles and waved at Buddy and his sign!
(i was a few seconds too late to get the actual wave, darn!)
What a fun, fun night! HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY, BUDDY!!!!

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