Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Myrtle Beach Vacation... DAY 4!!!!! :)

DAY 4!!!!!!!! :) 

I have to add a shameless plug in here...if you haven't tried Shakeology yet, you NEED to :) www.myshakeology.com/kharper53 :) 
 We spent most of today at the beach again :) More super fun times and memories! 

Babe has been working SO HARD for just about a year now getting fitter and healthier! And it shows ;) 

We went to Barefoot Landing in the afternoon/evening...it was a rainy one though ;) And yes, we let the kids get ice cream before dinner! 

So, YES, with the kids, we went to Dick's Last Resort. There were a zillion other kids there, so we aren't bad parents ;) They had a great time, and didn't understand what the hats said! 

Thankfully the rain stopped so we were able to go see and feed the tigers! :) 

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