Monday, July 28, 2014

Myrtle Beach Vacation...DAY 3!!!!!!! :)

Day 3 in Myrtle beach started off beautifully (it ended just as beautiful ;) ! 

I went for another run, then we headed to Krispy Kreme for breakfast....soooo their donuts ;) 

We didn't have a ton of plans today, so we made the most of it with with some of the pools at our hotel :) 

 Princess about to do a flip under water! 

Later in the afternoon we decided to go for a ride on the SkyWheel!!!!!! It was very neat...and very tall!!!!!!!

We had some time to spare before heading to a magic show that night, so went out and played on the beach for a little bit :) 

I didn't get many photos from the magic show, but it was cute and the kids really enjoyed it :) 

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