Sunday, July 27, 2014

Myrtle Beach Vacation....DAY 1!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just got back from a GREAT Vacation to Myrtle Beach!
It was our first time there and we're already talking about going next year :)
I can't wait!

But first...let's remember our 1st time there :)

Here's photos from day 1! We left our area around 3am and got to MB around 11:30am...not too shabby! ;) 

We played this game TO and FROM MB. This was taken on our breakfast break there :) 

 We're here!!!!!!!!! :) 

 Babe & Princess goofing around at a late lunch/early dinner while waiting for our room :) 

Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our view for the week :) 

 Once we were unpacked, we headed to one of the 17 water places they had!!! 


They even had putt-putt! :) 

And when we got back to our room, the door wouldn't open. The battery died. So....we waited outside for a good hour for it to be fixed :) Whatta way to spend our first night there, huh ;) 


Finally inside, bathed and ready for bed!!!!!!!!!!!

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