Tuesday, December 2, 2014

And it's official, my smallest baby is 4!

Kinda hard to believe Monkey turned 4 yesterday!
I'm not sure where the time has gone, but I do know it's been time well spent. 

The other 2 were off from school, Babe & I took off from work, and we all spent the day doing what Monkey wanted to do :) The first thing he said to me the morning of his birthday was "Mommy! I 4 now!", with his little hands holding up 4 fingers! Then he ran over to where Wyatt was and was so excited to tell me that Wyatt brought him elf donuts for his birthday!! AND, Wyatt was wearing a birthday hat! :)

While his birthday breakfast was baking (cinnabons), he opened the birthday gifts from his brother and sister :) 

Once breakfast was ready, we sang to him :) 

love the action shots of Buddy and Princess, and then how Monkey doesn't seem impressed ;) 

Make a wish! 

Then it was time for Monkey's big birthday gift :) 
He was surprised and really loved it! 
More pics of it to come later in this blog post, but this pic says it all :) 

We went to see BIG HERO 6. SUCH a great movie!!!!!! We got there before it opened, so the kids (not so) patiently waited :) 

Then we grabbed pizza for lunch and headed home to enjoy the unusually warm weather!
This is when Monkey spent a couple hours riding around our court :) 

Since he was refusing to let me do a 4 year photo session with him, i grabbed my camera and turned his fun time of riding into a little photo session. So, those pics can be found HERE :) 

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